Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Summit’s CEO Joins 100 Leaders at White House as a Future Ready School

Summit Public Schools’ CEO & Co-Founder, Diane Tavenner, was selected as one of 100 top school leaders from across the nation to participate in the first-ever National Connected Superintendents Summit. This unique Future Ready gathering launched with President Obama and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan speaking with the attendees about preparing today's students for the world of tomorrow.

These exemplary leaders, alongside the Education Department, spent the day sharing promising approaches to using technology to prepare every student with the powerful and enduring skills needed for success in college, career and life. Summit signed the White House’s Future Ready Pledge, collaborating with other districts and charter schools across the country to set a vision for digital learning, to empower educators through personalized professional learning, and to mentor other district leaders in their own transition to digital learning.

"We need to step up our make sure that every child in America can go as far as their talent and hard work...will take them… Every child deserves a shot at a world-class education." 
President Obama

“School districts across the country are helping teachers harness the power of technology to create personal learning environments for all students.”
U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

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