Thursday, February 12, 2015

Students Teach Each Other About Cell Phones, Internet, and Radio

Electromagnetic waves are everywhere! From cell phones, to the internet, to microwave ovens, electromagnetic waves are a critical part of our everyday lives. One of the projects our 10th graders recently worked on is the Electromagnetic (EM) Wave Applications Research Video project for Physics. In this project, students are educating each other about the many uses of electromagnetic waves, including:

  • How does your cell phone transmit your voice? 
  • How does your microwave heat food? 
  • How does your remote control work? 

After researching their chosen topic, interpreting the data, and forming a thesis, each student ultimately created and presented to their class an educational video of what they learned, showcasing their interest and creativity.

Learn more about the project and why it’s one of his favorites from Mr. Dowe at Summit Tahoma in San Jose. All of Summit's projects across all of our courses are designed collaboratively by our own teachers. 

“I always learn a little bit of something from these videos even though I teach the content and the material…It gives students a chance to show who they are in the video.” Mr. Dowe, Summit Tahoma Physics teacher

Learn more about electromagnetic waves in our students' playlists:
Electromagnetic Radiation
Applications of Electromagnetic Waves

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