Friday, March 6, 2015

Forming a Nation of Strong Self-Directed Learners

At Summit Public Schools, we believe that every student should be prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college, career, and life, regardless of family circumstance or background. While first and foremost we work to provide a high-quality, world-class education to our own Summit students, our vision extends beyond our own walls. We want to support educators and schools across the United States in readying their students for college and career.

The best way we can support other educators is to share our school model and our learnings, and there is no better way to understand a Summit school than visiting it in person. That’s why over 420 visitors from 88 different organizations have visited our campuses this year alone. Our visitors include San Jose Unified, Denver Public Schools, Connecticut Department of Education, the Education Secretary from the UK and many more! 

Last summer, Summit also hosted over 150 educators over two two-day consultancies where participants dove deep into our model and worked on their own school redesign based on their learnings. One of the high schools in North Carolina who participated created a video sharing their students’ experiences with self-directed learning (SDL). The team sent it over to show us the positive impact that Summit’s work and the consultancy is having on their school. Watch the video here. It reminds us that we are models in a growing community of empowered and self-directed learners.

“It built confidence within myself because I know now I don’t need to have someone teaching me step by step by step. I can see what I have to learn and I can do it on my own and do a good job with it.” 

Through these opportunities to share Summit's model and learnings, we are realizing the promise of charter schools as agents of innovation, cultivating partnerships to further and improve our own practice, and fulfilling our vision of having a broader impact on public education. 

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