Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sal Khan Visits Summit Denali to Give LearnStorm Award

We are very excited to share with you that Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, visited Summit Denali in March! He honored our students with a special award for ranking number one in the Bay Area in Khan’s LearnStorm challenge for Hustle Points!

Teachers across Summit have been utilizing LearnStorm in their classes due to its powerful focus on growth mindset - the belief that we can always learn and grow. LearnStorm is a three-month challenge where students can earn recognition for themselves and their school by mastering math skills and building a growth mindset. Hustle points are designed to reward students who push themselves to keep learning, no matter what their level. Students earn hustle points by taking on challenging skills and working hard to complete them. Out of 1,500 participating schools, Denali took first place this month in Hustle Points. Additionally, six individuals from the school were honored for their leaderboard achievements out of more than 50,000 total Learnstorm competitors.

The pictures below highlight a few phenomenal moments as Sal awarded the Hustle Cup, while also recognizing individual students who have gone above and beyond on the LearnStorm leaderboards.

"Summit’s performance in LearnStorm truly demonstrates the grit and perseverance of [their] Students."
-Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy

All of our schools are participating in this competition, and out of the entire Bay Area, Summit students are leading the way. Summit K2, Shasta, and Tahoma have also been recognized for their outstanding performance. This achievement is a testimonial to Summit’s dedication to coaching students on their Habits of Success, including perseverance, goal setting and strategy shifting.

We are truly honored to receive this award from Khan Academy, and are proud to have such driven and accomplished students.

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