Friday, March 6, 2015

Summit’s Genius Project Inspired by Google’s 20% Time

At Summit, we believe when people are given time to pursue individual passions, they become better self-directed learners and can influence their communities in a direct and meaningful way. One of the many compelling projects our students are working on includes the "Genius Project" in 10th grade English. This was inspired by Google's "20% Time” policy, where all employees have the freedom to use 20% of their working hours to work on an individual project that energizes them. In the pictures below, students from Summit Tahoma are presenting two of their inspirational projects.

On the top, a student is collecting food donations at school and working with a local food shelf to distribute food at St. James Park in San Jose. She'll also be creating posters to place around the school to spread awareness about hunger in San Jose.

On the bottom, a student is creating, testing, and sharing a series of healthy recipes to post on a blog. Her main goal is to help families improve their eating habits via healthy, tasty food that can be easily made at home.

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