Friday, April 10, 2015

A Visual Arts Field Trip to Explore Bay Area’s Fine Art to Street Art

During Expeditions, the Visual Arts classes at some of Summit's high schools have taken field trips to artists’ workshops, mural and street art alleys, and multiple museums to deepen their appreciation of art. During Summit Prep’s last Visual Arts Expedition, the students visited the artists' workshop Paulson Bott Press in Berkeley, which specializes in limited edition prints, as well as explored graffiti art and murals around Berkeley Aquatic Park and downtown Oakland.

The class just finished a printmaking project the day before they went to see Master Printers at Paulson Bott create a Mary Lee Bendolph etching. Students had the opportunity to talk with the printers about their art school experiences and internships, and see the extensive printing process up close. The Paulson Bott building is also tagged by legendary Berkeley artist Gats, which provided the perfect segue to discussing murals and graffiti in the community. Students spent the following week in class debating whether public spaces should be designated for street art in order to discourage illegal graffiti. Check out a few snippets of the field trip below.

“One of my favorite parts of this experience was listening to the questions the students asked the Master Printers. Understanding different parts of the art world and what the life of a real artist looks like is a huge part of this course, and it was exciting to see that happen on the field trip!" Kalyn Olson, Visual Arts Expeditions Teacher. Kalyn brings tremendous passion and expertise from her experience working at a fine art gallery and artists’ workshop as well as studying both Art History and Economics at UCLA.

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