Friday, April 17, 2015

Peer Tutoring Club Transform Student Body

We want to share with you one of our favorite stories about a student at Summit Tahoma, Rama Prasad, who founded the school's Peer Tutoring Club where students tutor other students during lunch and on Fridays. While students start new clubs at schools all the time, Rama's club and the events leading up to the creation of it are extra-ordinary.

Through her club, Rama has tutored close to half of the entire student body! And, the members of the club has tutored two-thirds! This one club transformed the culture and spirit of the student body.

While it may be easy to see these results and think Rama had a history of leadership at the school. The opposite is true. Rama was a shy and introverted freshmen student when one day a couple students extended their friendship and she started coming out of her shell. Through that experience, she started looking for ways to pay it forward. She started tutoring some students and that led to tutoring more students, and then the Peer Tutoring Club was born!

"What I believe is that students who are doing really academically well, they should help other students who are less fortunate, who need help."

NBC Bay Area found her story so special that they did a news story on her. Watch and read the story here.

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