Friday, April 24, 2015

What can you do to reduce your impact on the Earth?

As we celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) this week, let’s remember that every one of our actions has a consequence on the environment -- how we commute to schools/work, what we eat, what we buy, what we recycle or trash. In AP Environmental Science, seniors have been hard at work on their Personal Impact Project to understand exactly how their personal actions impact the environment, ultimately understanding how humans impact the sustainability of the Earth.

At Everest, one of our high schools in Redwood City, seniors selected one behavior they could change to reduce their ecological footprint. Over two weeks, they changed their behavior and quantified the impact of that change. Students then presented their projects to freshman Biology students and other community members, including a data visualization analyst from The Climate Policy Initiative. The students’ ideas were wide-ranging. Chase adopted a pescatarian diet to reduce his food consumption impact. Lena and Jessie limited personal electronics usage. Clayton donned a sweater instead of turning on the heat while at home. He plans to keep up his "Hoodies, not Heaters" protocol even after the project has ended.

Want to know your energy consumption and how to reduce it? Download the app My Earth — Track Your Carbon Savings. The app tracks your energy consumption throughout the day and gives you suggestions on how to conserve energy. As you change behaviors, you’ll earn carbon units so you can see how much you’re saving!

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