Friday, April 10, 2015

What Works in Schools is Real World Application & 21st Century Skill Development

A 2014 Gallup study reinforces the Summit student experience!  According to the study, developing 21st century skills, such as real-world problem-solving, collaboration, communication, self-regulation, and technology use, better prepare our students for the challenges of work. Out of all the 21st century skills, real-world problem-solving was the most important, which the study shows that students gained by working on long term projects and developing solutions to real world problems -- exactly what we do at Summit. Students spend the majority of their time in school working on projects. From 6th to 12th grade, our students will engage in 197 deeper learning projects where they will have 1,073 opportunities to demonstrate and develop in 36 college readiness skills.

A few of the key findings in the study are:

1. Graduates who had “experiential and deep learning” have more than DOUBLED the odds of being engaged in their work.

2. Americans who developed 21st century skills, such as real-world problem-solving and collaboration, in their last year of school are TWICE as likely to have higher work quality.

3. Graduates who were “emotionally supported” are nearly 3X 
as likely to be thriving in their well being.

Read the Gallup studies:

21st Century Skills Linked to Work Success

What Works in Schools is Real Work

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