Friday, June 19, 2015

Students Share Stories of Growth During Mission Masters

Last Friday, Summit Rainier held Mission Masters 2015, a conference style event where all students shared how they grew and made progress toward our mission of success in college, career, and life. Parents and family members were invited to attend the event and see how their students have made strides to meet this mission..

This celebration of students and their growth was powerful for all involved.Many Bulldogs took this opportunity to share moving personal stories about overcoming obstacles they have faced during their academic journey. One Rainier student, Jonathan, gave an interesting and impactful presentation about deportations and immigration, incorporating parts of his own personal immigration story. Another member of Jonathan’s group responded by sharing her own story of immigrating from the Philippines in 6th grade. It was very moving to see them recognize something they had in common, and feel like an accepted part of a community where they could share this type of story.

Students across the school were all reflective and focused on important topics. Numerous students expressed their appreciation for the event, explaining that they were able to see various situations from a different perspective. Rainier teachers echoed this sentiment, expressing that it made them proud to be a part of the Summit community.

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