Monday, July 13, 2015

San Mateo Daily Journal Features Summit Public Schools

We're so excited that the San Mateo Daily Journal recently featured two of our Summit schools in Redwood City, Summit Prep and Everest, in an article about our high college attendance records. The article features some of our students and faculty, and we wanted to share with you some of their inspiring thoughts.

  • “The teachers drove me to understand that college truly is for everyone.” Summit student
  • “These people are not just mentors, but they become family and friends as well.” Summit student
  • “Just seeing what other people are doing has inspired me to go beyond what I wanted to do.” Summit student
  • “They inspire us, and keep us going to inspire them and reach their goal of college,” Summit faculty
  • “Every adult comes with high expectation for every student, that they can grow and be college ready." Summit faculty
  • "All the teachers and students are completely invested in the mission of the school...It is so exciting and rewarding and truly a collaborative effort for all our students.” Summit faculty

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