Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer of Summit Kicks Off!

We're halfway through our four weeks of Summer of Summit where both new and returning students joined us for skill-building challenges, community-building activities, and fun adventures exploring new interests! We are so excited to spend this summer with 1,500 students!

Here’s a glimpse of what students have been up to:

“My day starting Summer of Summit was pretty great, I didn't realize how many people were interested in Summer of Summit, and we were all working together on a series of questions just to know each other and that makes me think that we're all a community.” Jordan, 11th grade student

“I've never experienced summer school like this, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Today was very productive for me because I got to help create a plan for the freshmen socratic seminar and I participated in some film takes.” Marcy, 11th grade student

“I’m excited to be in a diverse community that accepts one another and that support each other.” Luai, 9th grade student

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