Monday, October 12, 2015

TechShop: An Inventor’s Paradise at Summit Denali

At Summit Denali in Sunnyvale, middle school students are making their ideas a reality in their TechShop Expeditions course. They’re building lots of things with their hands and the help of a few tools like a laser cutter, 3D printer, solderer, and vinyl cutter to name a few.

This week, students were designing their very own t-shirts! Mark, an 8th grader at Denali, who competitively rock climbs drew the below design about a controversial topic in the world of rock climbing -- bouldering (no ropes) versus lead climbing (with ropes). After creating the design on a computer software program, he cut the design on a vinyl cutter (see pictures below). The next step is to then heat press his design on a t-shirt so he’s ready to wear it at his next climbing competition!
Which side would Mark pick?
The left side, bouldering, of course (no ropes!).

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