Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Check out Summit's Personalized Learning Plan

Summit’s Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) allows every Summit student to have a personalized learning experience, and connects our students' long-term college and career goals to their daily decisions and actions. The PLP also houses all of our student’s curriculum, and provides real-time access to a student's academic coursework, goals, and performance to students, teachers, and parents.

Get a glimpse into Summit's Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) at app.mysummitps.org. Take a look at the powerful tool enabling our students to learn at their own pace and apply their thinking skills to deeper learning projects that reflect real-world situations. You can also browse all of Summit’s curriculum from 6th to 12th grade and see all of our projects and content knowledge areas of focus. 

The PLP also highlights Summit’s Basecamp program, which is is a free program we offer that helps public schools across the nation bring personalized learning to more classrooms and students. Learn more about it here

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