Monday, January 25, 2016

Why Diversity in Schools Benefits All Students

At Summit, we intentionally serve a diverse student body because we believe students with various backgrounds, cultures, languages and living experiences create a richer community where students can learn from each other. As the US becomes more and more ethnically and culturally diverse, students must learn how to respect, appreciate, and empathize with others and their differences. This will serve them not only in school but throughout their life as they broaden their perspectives and see the world through different lenses.
The benefits that students receive from being in a diverse school are similar to ones that companies and employees gain in the workplace. Research has shown that diversity is critical to driving innovation and promoting creativity, because it’s better to have team members with different skills, beliefs, and experiences when trying to solve complex problems. We learn more from people different than us than people similar to us. That’s why our classes proactively promote collaboration and sharing of ideas in pairs, small groups, and whole class discussions. Our students have so much to teach us and each other.  

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