Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What is Personalized Learning?

At Summit, we have created a personalized learning experience that allows every child to realize his or her highest potential. This experience is focused on the key elements of college & career readiness to ensure every child is set up for success both academically and with the life and social skills they need. Summit students:

• Connect their long-term goals and aspirations to their daily decisions, actions, and behaviors

• Are empowered as self-directed learners, where they develop the habits, mindsets and behaviors that lead to academic and personal success.

• Engage in deeper learning projects where the content they are learning to be ready for college is applied to real, authentic situations.

• Form diverse communities of learners, where they practice and model life skills and receive the feedback they need to individually grow and thrive.

Summit’s personalized learning model allows teachers and students to create individual learning plans, track progress against their goals and collaborate through its Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) tool. Students become self-directed learners and build skills like critical thinking and perseverance that will help them succeed in college and beyond.

Hear from our teachers and students about what teaching and learning in a personalized learning environment looks and feels like.

“How do we give them what they need, step out of their way,and let them do the brilliant work that we know exists in their brain” Aukeem Ballard, 9th Grade History Teacher

“You’re not running on a track anymore. You’re running on a field and you choose which direction to run to.” Guillermo, 12th Grade Student

“My job as a teacher is to help students find their voice and learn how to use it. “ Katie Goddard 9th grade History Teacher

“This school is teaching me to how to push myself to the limits, to the max.” Hadassah, 8th Grade Student

“I’m doing...much more purposeful teaching, much more focused teaching, and much more differentiated teaching” Jenny Macho AP English List Everest

“I’ve learned that I am smarter than I think I am. I am more responsible than I think I am.” Calvin, 8th Grader Student

“To be known and to be seen and to be accepted for who we are -- that is really at the heart of a personalized learning community“ 
Diane Tavenner, CEO of Summit Public Schools