Monday, March 21, 2016

GreatSchools' Videos Feature Summit Students & Teachers

What are the Life Skills Our Students Need for College & Career?
When a student is faced with a complicated math problem, many parents don’t realize that they don't need to have the answer to help. Parents can play a huge role in helping the student solve the problem just by asking a few key questions. These questions are included in a new GreatSchools' video, Empower your teen to solve problems on her own, starring Summit  students and teachers.  It’s one of 13 short videos that GreatSchools, a national nonprofit that helps parents guide their kids to successful futures, created in partnership with Summit Public Schools.

GreatSchools' High School Milestones video collection — filmed with Summit students and teachers at Summit schools — showcase the critical communication, academic. and life skills that all high schoolers need to learn to be ready for college and career. At Summit, we develop all of these skills and more through our robust real-world projects, personalized learning experience, and mentoring program that helps students develop Habits of Success, such as perseverance, goal-setting, and stress management. 
Below are just a few video videos (available in both English and Spanish). Each short video also includes practical tips that parents can use to help their students develop these skills at home! 
“More and more we’re hearing the phrases 21st Century skills, personalized learning and college readiness, but it can be difficult to understand exactly what that looks like in practice—in our kids’ classrooms. The High School Milestones videos show what these standards and expectations are and what these critical skills look like in daily classroom life that will help children succeed far beyond high school.” Kyle Moyer, Summit’s academic program manager.

Visit to learn about the real-world skills that all students need! GreatSchools worked with Summit Public Schools’ Academics team, Family Engagement team, teachers, curriculum developers, and others to produce these easy-to-understand videos.

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