Monday, March 21, 2016

Summit’s Personalized Learning Model Featured in LA Times and The Hechinger Report

Great teachers have and always will be at the heart of our schools. We are honored that this has been highlighted in recent articles in The Hechinger Report and Los Angeles TimesThese articles highlight how our community of teachers and school leaders, and not computers and technology, are at the center of personalized learning at Summit. 
As Aukeem Ballard, a Summit Prep teacher, explains, “Part of personalized learning is understanding that people are at different places at different times. They’re at a different place in their head space and their heart, and honoring that, and honoring that human beings aren’t just one thing all the time — I think that’s a huge part of the personalized learning work that we’re doing.”

The Hechinger Report: Despite its high-tech profile, Summit charter network makes teachers, not computers, the heart of personalized learning
summit - LATimes
(Sources: Hechinger Report and LA Times)
“Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I still believe in the American Dream. I believe that if you work hard and are a good person, you have an opportunity to be anything you want to be. I believe an education is the key to that. I think a lot of people say ‘all kids,’ but they don’t actually believe it will be all kids. [Summit] is crazy enough to believe in all kids. We deeply believe that. Our schools have always been about all kids, every single one of them. I think if you don’t actually believe in all, you’re never going to get to all.”
Diane Tavenner, CEO, Summit Public Schools

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