Wednesday, April 6, 2016

An Inside Look into Mentoring

Mentoring is one of the most unique and special aspects of Summit schools. Every week, students and mentors meet one-on-one for 10 minutes. While 10 minutes may pass by quickly, those 10 minutes build strong relationships, challenge our students to reach their potential, and empower students to be self-directed learners. At the heart of mentoring are our mentors truly understanding their students, and helping them set and reach their personal, academic, and college goals. It’s hard to imagine what the magic of mentoring may look like in practice and the profound impact that it has on our students, so we’ll let our students and teachers share with you their experiencesWatch the video below.     
“Mentoring is to coach students on how to be more effective agents of their own change”

“... if I did not have her as my mentor or in my life at all,  I wouldn’t be where I am now, or  I wouldn’t be looking at my future”

“You definitively learn a lot about each other as people, and it really helps the teacher help you”  

“Kids having the ability to reflect, to set goals, to make plans, to follow-up on those, those are universal skills for success”

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