Thursday, April 28, 2016

Summit Denali Student’s Photo on Display in Vice President’s Home

“Orange Waves” by Ellen Hu is currently on display in Vice President Joe Biden’s home
The photograph, “Orange Waves,” by Ellen Hu, an 8th grader at Summit Denali, is one of only 10 photos currently on display in the living room of the Vice President’s home. It was handpicked by National Geographic Kids and the Second Lady of the United States. Ellen shot the photo after watching her sister’s softball game at Ortega Park in Sunnyvale, CA, She was inspired to experiment with a long exposure of the lights in the park. The result -- a beautiful and unique photo.

During 6th grade, Ellen took a photography course during Expeditions. Since then, she has become a keen photographer, regularly sharing her photos online. “Everyone in my family loves photography. It’s a hobby I really enjoy,” said Ellen. What's Ellen’s advice for other budding photographers? “Go out and take photos of things you think look nice. That’s how I started. I didn’t really know what I was taking photos of, I was just taking random photos. You should take them in the moment and see what you find.”
“When my mom emailed me at school to tell me my photo had been selected, I just sat there for a while not able to focus. I was so happy.” Ellen Hu, 8th grader at Summit Denali

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