Friday, June 24, 2016

A Step-By-Step Look into Project Time by Stanford Professor, Larry Cuban

Stanford University professor emeritus, Larry Cuban, has written a multi-part blog post series about Summit schools called Summit Teachers Integrating Technology. Professor Cuban is a self-proclaimed skeptic of technology in the classroom, but has decided to shift his focus to writing about the "best case of [technology] use in districts and classroom.” That is why he decided to observe several Summit classrooms at Summit Prep (Redwood City) and Summit Rainier (San Jose). 

Dr. Cuban has published 8 detailed reports covering different courses, carefully detailing out lesson plans and student and teacher interactions. It’s exciting to see a skeptic thinking differently about technology in the classroom and better understanding how it enhances a personalized learning model. This is in large part to the great work that our teachers are doing in their classrooms. 

Read Professor Cuban’s blog series below and get a step-by-step lookinto Project Time at Summit schools. 

Part 1: Biology with Catherine Clausen
Part 2: History with Chris Kelly 
Part 3: Pre-Calculus with Ethan Edwards
Part 4: World Studies with Aukeem Ballard
Part 5: World Studies (2) with Katie Goddard 
Part 6: Chemistry with Edward Lin
Part 7: AP U.S. History with Edwin Avarca 
Part 8: 9th Grade English with Anne Giocondini

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