Friday, November 18, 2016

Faculty Profile: Jim Ohlinger, Math Teacher at Summit Olympus


Jim Ohlinger joined Summit this year after earning his teaching credential at Western Governors University. A baseball coach and father of four, Jim has spent much of his adult life supporting kids facing obstacles - All four of his children are adopted and three of them experienced challenging early years in Uganda. After understanding the important role an adult can play in a child’s development, Ohlinger decided to devote his career to teaching. Jim and his family are pictured above.

Where can you find him during the week? 
Working through complex math problems with students, and ensuring his students are empowered to solve problems independently and collaboratively.

What could you reach out to him for? 
Supporting students facing challenging or traumatic home and life situations.  Jim recommends focusing on giving struggling students a routine they can rely on, which provides them with a lot of comfort.

What is the best thing he has worked on this year?  
Participating in professional development program where he learned how to balance having high expectations for students while connecting with them and building trust. He has enjoyed implementing those lessons with his students who understand that he expects them to always be trying their best.

Why does he love working at Summit? 
He loves the opportunity to really get to know his students, particularly Friday mentor days where he can spend the entire day with his mentor group.

What can you he be found doing on the weekend?
Taking mini-vacations with his family.

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