Thursday, November 3, 2016

Spotlight on a Summit Shasta (Daly City) Teacher & Student


When did you join the Summit Community? I joined the Summit community this summer after teaching in Pacifica for a number of years.
What is your favorite thing about Summit Shasta:? While I miss my Pacifica family, I love Summit's innovative model and commitment to excellence for every student. Summit Shasta's diverse student population provides opportunities for powerful conversations around community, and how we can contribute as thoughtful members of society. I am so impressed by the students on this campus!
How does personalized learning help you and your students reach their long-term goals? Personalized learning provides students the opportunity to have a greater stake in their learning. Utilizing tools like the PLP, small group workshops, office hours, and dedicated teachers, Summit provides students the rare opportunity to make choices relevant to their academic and personal goals.
Why do you think it is important to work on cognitive skills? Cognitive skills can be applied across subject areas and any passion in life.  Rather than just focusing on content, something that does not bear the same universality, when we practice cognitive skills, we are practicing for life.
How does Summit Shasta model the college experience? The importance that we place on students owning their own education in many ways replicates what they will experience in college.  For example, offering office hours and guided workshops both build both habits of success and the skills needed to attack any content.
What is one random fact about you that you are really proud of or that you feel like you bring to your community? I am proud of the professional experience that I bring to Shasta. Summit schools often attract young teachers, many of whom are excited to help shape an innovative educational institution. With my many years of experience in a public school setting, I bring a different perspective to the table - one that I hope to use to make Shasta even better for our students. 


When did you join the Summit Community? 2016- this year
What is your favorite thing about Summit Shasta?  My favorite thing about Summit Shasta is the trust in the students and students having the responsibility to do work on their own on laptops
How do you track how you are doing in your classes? On the PLP, I check to see what I need to be working on and where I am behind. I also check-in with my teachers in and outside of the classroom.
Why do you think it is important to work on cognitive skills? It is important to learn cognitive skills because it will help you focus on details and make your product even better. College will look at the details you put into work to see if you are working at a college level.
How is Shasta preparing you for college? Shasta is preparing me for college by always pushing me on the PLP and showing what I need to study. I take everything I learned on the PLP into the projects.
What is one random fact about you that you are really proud of or that you feel like you bring to your community? I love basketball and I will play on the Shasta team!

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