Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Summit Alumnus Spotlight: William Teav, Class of 2015

William Teav, a rising sophomore majoring in engineering at Harvey Mudd College, one of the top-performing engineering schools in the country, said he successfully acclimated to college in his freshman year through a common rite of passage: overloading his schedule and losing a lot of sleep. Nevertheless, William said he was still able to join multiple clubs and sports, including stargazing, roller hockey, combat robotics, and an Asian Pacific Islander mentorship program.
He said one of the most important steps Summit took to help him prepare for his packed college life was teaching him time management. “We have so many classes in Summit, with so many projects,” William said. “It’s on us to manage our time, and this has helped me in college. I gained a habit of looking at these deadlines, and doing each part of these projects on time.”
William, who was awarded Summit Rainier’s Bulldog (the school’s mascot) of the Year award for his leadership, friendliness and hard work ethic, advises Summit students to join clubs. This is where you can meet friends and learn more about yourself, he said. Additionally, he encourages students to form a strong relationship with their mentor, because they may end up knowing you better than you know yourself. William, a first generation college student, said he probably would not have applied to Harvey Mudd had his mentor not told him about it.
Learn more about how William chose his college and major at an interview we did with him last spring.

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