Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Summit Public Schools Wins XQ Super School Project

Summit Public Schools is one of only 10 schools in America to be awarded $10 million from the XQ Super School Project for our proposed redesign of the American high school! Over the last year, Summit faculty and community partners put together a proposal for a new high school, largely based on the work that we do everyday with our students.
Winning the XQ project means that we’ll receive funding to help us launch a new high school, Summit Elevate, in Oakland, CA in the fall of 2018. The school will be a natural evolution of our personalized learning model, which empowers students to set individual goals, develop critical thinking skills and practice habits of success. We’ve grown a lot since we opened our first school 13 years ago and, in that time, we’ve learned so much about what enables our students to reach their full potential. We’re proud that we continue to be on the leading edge of this movement, and to continue this journey with our families as we help shape the future of American education.
A little about XQ
The XQ Super School project launched over a year ago with the aim of encouraging educators across the country to submit proposals for what they think high school should look like. The brainchild of Laurene Powell-Jobs—wife of the late Steve Jobs—the goal was to open up a dialogue that would push schools to think about what was possible and then offer the resources to turn that vision into a reality.
Over the past year, XQ received more than 1,000 concepts from applicants across the country, and a winner, we can now turn our idea into a new, academically challenging public high school. Meet the 10 XQ Super Schools

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