Thursday, March 22, 2018

Summit Shasta’s 2nd Annual Multicultural Potluck

On Friday, March 9, Summit Shasta’s sophomore leadership hosted a multicultural
potluck. In attendance were students, faculty, staff and over 8 cuisines from
different parts of the world.

The multicultural potluck started last year, when a group of students came up with
ideas to fundraise for the freshmen class end-of-the-year events. As a result, the
potluck proved to be a successful fundraiser. This year, all funds will go towards
the 2018 All School Spring Dance.

The multicultural potluck brings together good food and good friends. More
importantly, students at Shasta have the opportunity to try, perhaps for the
very first time, food from cultures different from their own. Summit serves a
diverse student population, some of whom come from multiple backgrounds.
With the potluck, students and families were encouraged to bring cuisines
of their choosing.

Among the assortment of this year’s cuisines were Japanese, Korean,
Chinese, Filipino, Samoan, Russian, Yemeni, Southern comfort food,
and a few more.

“We are incredibly grateful to the 30+ families who contributed. It’s a
great reflection about how our community cares and how much they
are all willing to help,” adds Grace Jiang, Summit Shasta Sophomore
class president.